Goldcrest on Apple Blossom Painting

Goldcrest on Apple Blossom Painting

A painting of a goldcrest sitting on apple blossom painted on an oak barrel stave

This original acrylic painting is painted on an old oak barrel stave. It shows a male goldcrest sitting on the branch of an apple tree. It is approximately 27cm long and 8.5cm wide at its narrow end and 9.5cm at its wider end. It is roughly 2cm thick and is slightly curved. I have put a brass d-ring hook on the back so that you can hang it, or it can be propped on a shelf. It is protected with eco-friendly, plant-based varnish.

It was made from a rotten old half barrel that had been used as a planter for years. It was an absolute mess and to be honest it was en-route to the tip but I just couldnít see it thrown away so I recused it! All the rotten wood was taken away with a draw knife and spoke shave and it was given a good sanding. The painting is on what would have been the inside of the barrel. I have left the other side more or less natural so you can see the marks from where the barrel hoops would have gone.

I was inspired to paint this little bird by a goldcrest who visited the garden over Easter and sat right outside the kitchen window. I am not sure if he saw his reflection and thought it was another bird but he stayed for a while and then flew away. They are such beautiful and charismatic birds, but so small! I havenít seen one that close before and couldnít believe how tiny he was.

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