Badgers Family Outing

Badgers Family Outing

Original acrylic painting depicting Badgers

Original acrylic painting on canvas 60 x 40cm
Background painted using an abstract acrylic flow technique with the Badgers painted in a traditional manner.

Yes, we are privileged to have a family of badgers in our garden. There is a constant war of wills between them and my husband, as they destroy fencing and dig up the lawn. I have negotiated a badger highway which has reduced the damage.

Badgers are found across the UK, with the highest numbers in southern England. Ideal badger habitat is a mixture of woodland and open country.
The species lives in a network of underground burrows and tunnels know as a sett. Each badger territory will include a main sett and several smaller outlying setts. The main sett is the groupís headquarters, where they spend most of their time and rear their young. Outlying setts are smaller and provide a safe place to retreat to if needed when badgers are out foraging. Setts tend to be located in the shelter of woodland, with the badgers emerging at night to forage in fields and meadows

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