Harvest Time Harvest Mice

Harvest Time Harvest Mice

Original acrylic painting depicting Harvest Mice

We live in rural Dorset surrounded by natural forest, woodland and a range of farms. This painting was inspired by the cornfields and the range of colours. Its fascinating how the wind caresses the corn and how the colours change. Background painted using an acrylic flow technique, with the Harvest Mice d in a traditional manner.

The tiny harvest mouse lives in long tussock grassland, reedbeds, hedgerows, farmland and around woodland edges. It is mainly vegetarian, eating seeds and fruits, but will also eat invertebrates. Harvest mice build a spherical nest of tightly woven grass, high-up in the tall grasses, in which the female will give birth to around six young

We do not use single use plastic during the production or sale of this item.

Guide price: 500.00 - Handmade


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