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The help posts on this page are in date order from top to bottom. If there is a part of the site that you find confusing, please contact us and we will do what we can to improve it or explain it.

Discover the improved Click and CollectThis unique service helps to support your local craft events, whilst allowing exhibitors to take advance orders from customers. It removes the effort and cost involved with postage and packaging for both the buyer and the seller. It is commission free, allowing exhibitors the option to pass on some of the benefits to the customer with a small discount. With no listing fees, the cost of adding items is removed, allowing exhibitors to show their full range.

Exhibitors adding items to their shop, can quickly and easily make them available through Click and Collect, when also listing events they are attending.

Login / Shop items tab

Try it today.
The calendarThe calendar is looking nicer as it has been improved for mobile, tablet and across multiple browsers. The calendar key has been compressed and hidden but can still be revealed using the drop down. The page title and the date are smaller and have been added as part of the calendar itself.

One really nice new time saving feature is being able to search for events - this weekend - or - next weekend. These special searches group together a couple of day and display the results.

The calendar button is also available within the new mobile header, so it is really quick to get.
The mobile headerIf you are using the UKCraftFairs site on a smart phone or tablet, you will want to be able to quickly jump to important pages.

The redesigned mobile header displays three symbol buttons (Home, Calendar and Interactions), in addition to the hamburger menu.

When pressed or clicked the home icon takes you to the sites home page, the calendar icon takes you to the calendar displaying todays date, the envelope will take you to the interactions page (when logged in). If you have new unanswered messages or messages that you have not marked as read, then the amount will appear in an alert next to the envelope.

When you are using a larger screen you will still see all these icons plus additional text.

Click and collectJust imagine being able to Click and then Collect a handmade item at a craft fair or directly from the makers shop. Well now for the first time ever, you can!

We wanted to create something new, as an alternative to home delivery but what is so good about Click and Collect on UKCraftFairs? It saves the maker money because there are no commission fees, it saves the buyer money on delivery and packaging costs, the buyer gets to meet the maker and gets out of the house, also the maker gets a new customer.

Makers, add your handmade items and events attending or shop and the rest is done for you.

Blog Posts just got more socialEach post now has its own page! Members can add comments about your post and edit them easily. Longer posts look better and give you the chance add more detail to interest readers.

The new page also includes a list of related posts, either from the same category (card making, knitting etc) or from the same county. Only posts that have a picture included will be in the list of related posts.

As well as all craft bloggers, Visitors to the page can share the post on social media.

Update your own main listing (select from drop down menu once logged in) to include your Twitter username, then if someone tweets a post you have added, we can include your username in the tweet. Whilst you are there add your three keyword phrases.

New footerWe hope you will like the new footer.

It has been put together as a aid to navigation and understanding of the site.

Hopefully it includes everything you would want to see in a page footer plus a lot more.

Most of the links can be found elsewhere in the fixed navigation bar at the top of the page but it offers the information in a different way, which you may prefer.

Get the messageThere are now three alert badges on the site. They are circles with the number of messages not replied to, inside them. You will see them in the header, on members tabs and in the drop down below your name.

Clicking on the badge will take you to the upgraded interactions section. From there you can either reply to the message (which will mark the message as read) or mark the message read without replying.
The new colour schemeWe continue to make a lot of changes to the style of the site and this week it has all been about colour.

It has not been an easy task but we have settled on a palette inspired by Rembrandt, Morris and more... to create our arts and crafts colour scheme. We hope that you will like it and find it easy to understand.

In addition, we have started to add more navigation tabs, breadcrumbs and other helper.

Some of the pages have been pulled together into one longer page in the publications area.
The style of the site is changingWe are moving over to a more application based style.

All the navigation is fixed to the top of the page, so that you can quickly go to the pages you want without the need to scroll. Also on larger screen in some sections, you may also see tabbed lists for one click navigation.

The update to the site will take a little while and during this time you may see two different site styles depending on the pages you visit.
ProfilesWhen people search for content on the site, we hope to show them excellent quality content. Part of the way we decide which listing to show is based on a members profile scoring algorithm. This algorithm looks at a number of factors, quality content, followers, referrals etc.

When you login to the site, you will be taken to your home page. There you will see your current level. There is granularity within the levels but as you achieve each new level you get additional functionality, abilities or promotions. The four levels are apprentice, craftsman, master craftsman and grand master.

Larger image sizesWhen you upload an image, either to your blog, shop window or event, we will now store a larger size version. In fact, it will be twice as detailed.

This means that when people view your page, they will be able to see your products, locations, artwork etc with more clarity. If you have uploaded images in the past, you can choose to upload them again to get the crispness of the new image, or we will just zoom in for you.

Pictures for each individual eventIt is great to see so many people adding a picture for an event they are organising.

Every time you see a camera icon near to a listing you have added it means that you can include a picture. You will see it for your main listing (very important picture) and your blog posts, event organising, shop window etc. Adding pictures are a great way to convey a lot of information quickly, so be selective.

If a picture you add appears the wrong way round, you will need to upload a different picture. When taking a picture to upload, make sure that you have the camera upright and horizontal.

Search barThe search bar has been upgraded in many ways. Depending on the browser and device you are using to view the site, you may see a few differences but in all cases the results you get will be better formed. The search functionality has been expanded, to include more listings and has more understanding of your search. Make sure you use commas to separate multiple word terms.

In the picture, you will see how it looks on a desktop PC. There is a datalist that currently shows, counties, countries, regions, categories and category groups. When you start typing it will give some suggestions, you can add to these or just use your own search. In addition, it you have already done a search, it can remember it for the future.

There is now a search button that you can press if using a mouse, as well as the enter button.
Craft Fairs and more in 2016A proactive event organiser will know that adding events early will attract both the most and the best exhibitors. This is a vital part of putting on a great show. Some of the biggest shows for next year have already been added to the site. Our advice, if you have a planned craft fair for next year, is to add it ASAP.

Craft Fairs can get booked up very early, particularly in categories like jewellery and cards. If you want to have the best chance of being selected (as a best in breed), you need to make sure you have updated your listing before contacting an organiser via the site. Make sure you have a good shop window, a recent blog post, the list of events you are already attending and a good description.

If you are planning an event for next year, make sure that you are professional and prepared - get insured - write a terms and conditions and add it to the site - include details of your cancellation policy, make your terms firm but fair.
Referral scheme  commissionWe have further improved the referral scheme to include a qr code for print media like leaflets, newsletters etc.

In addition, we have built a system to allow for members to generate a little bit of commission, for referrals that result in a new members signing up for a subscription. Login and check the referral scheme page for more information.

The referral link code has changed. So if you have old or very old links to the site, we would recommend that you renew them with the latest version.

Adding a venue to your eventEach time you add a new event you have a choice. You can either add a new venue or select a venue you have used in the past. However, as the functionality is new, only events currently listed have the venue information copied over.

Additional work is being done relating to the venue associated with an event, so if you would like to request some changes or additional functionality, use the contact us form on the site to let us know.
The UKCraftFairs site is designed to work well on multiple devices like smart phone and tablets. You can quickly access the site from these devices by adding a link from you devices home screen.

If you do not already have a link to the website from your iPhone or iPad then you would need to follow these simple instructions. Visit the UKCraftFairs site using your device and go to the page you would like to link to (This could be the home page, login page, your listing etc).

Click on the blue square with an arrow pointing upwards.
Press the add to home screen button (grey square with a white cross).
- You will see the UKCraftFairs icon. You can change the text that will appear under the icon on the home screen, if you like.
Click Add (at the top of the screen).

Once added, clicking on the button will bring you right back to the page.

If you also save your login details, it will make getting into the site very quick and easy.

The referral schemeWe have re-imagined the referral scheme and created a new set of links that you can use.

There is a plain text link to add to any social media post and plain text code to add to an email or site. In addition, there is the UKCraftFairs badge and icons that you can include in your list of social icons on your site. We have included multiple sizes, 32px, 48px, 64px, 96px and 128px. So there should be something to fit any taste.

If you have not already added a listing, you can still use the code but it will not be as tailored. So add a listing first.

To see the referral page, login to the site, then from the slide out menu (three horizontal line) top left, select - Referral scheme.
Improved search functionalityLast week, we launched the new search box for the site.

This week, we have tweaked and updated the feature to enable more complex searches with more types of information searchable. Your search can now include regions and countries (as seen in the local section), categories and category groups (as listed in the inspiration section). In addition, you can use commas in your search to split up multi-words search phrases. For example south west, artist - fine art, south east. The results are very different if you leave out the commas out, as then the search is for individual words.

If you have added a listing and it is not appearing in the search, make sure you have added a main picture.

Search UKCraftFairsYou can now use the search box at the top right of all pages to find listings on the site.

The searches can be for single words like a town name, county or thing, like Blackpool, Kent or Shoes or multiple words like, West Sussex or Wood turning.

You can also mix thing up a little, and do searches like, sewing Lancashire, handmade jewellery or exhibitor Gloucester.

You will need to get the spelling right and leave out unnecessary words like, in, of, and etc.

SEO and listing positionsWe have been working on where listings appear in the sites search results - have a look to see where yours is.

The SEO of each and every page on the site is important. The aim being to get your listing at or near the top of a Google search. However, a lot of that is down to you. You need to make sure that you have enough relevant content on your page for a search engine to know what you are all about. So adding a blog or adding a shop window will really help.

The words you use in descriptions are important they need to be descriptive, accurate, honest and to make sense.

Do a quick test, search for your business name in Google, check the images to see if your images are displaying in Google. where is your UKCraftFairs page showing, is it in the top ten. Take a look at your listing and ask yourself. If I was a customer of mine what would I search for. If those words and phrases that accurately describe what you do are not included - update your listing.
The shop window and showcaseThe improvements to the shop window, were based on a customer request to display the short and full description of items on touch screen devices, like the iPad. The new shop window is a responsive and attractive design, that shows all the information added.

All members can add a shop window to their listing. Which gives the chance to show what you can do. Exhibitors can include the guide price and state whether the item is handmade or not. It is a good idea to put in a minimum of three items with pictures into the shop window but you can add many more.

We also updated the showcase to only displays handmade items that have a price.

Adding shop window pictures:
1. Click on the - Shop items - tab (or select from drop down by your name).
2. Click on the blue camera icon right (takes you to the Shop Window Images page - top right).
3. Click on the - Choose File - button
4. Select from your computer a JPG image and press Open
5. Press the Upload button

You are returned to the - Shop items - page, and the image is displayed with the item. To change the image, click the image then follow point 3, 4 and 5.

Listing attendeesWhen a visitor is thinking about attending an event, it makes sense for them to have a look at who will be exhibiting.

You can already state the total number of potential exhibitors at a craft fair or the number of attendees at a course, but you can now create your own list of them. Creating the list is easy and associating them to an event could not be simpler (although you are the judge of that). Login and then take a look at one of your events, there is a link to manage attendees at the top and in the visit the event section.

Only the business name and the type of craft are displayed on the site. The contact name and mobile number are just for your reference.

Adding eventsAny member can add an event they are organising to attract exhibitors, attendees and visitors. However, we wanted to start adding some new features associated with events.

When you add an event you can now include the number of place available to book. This has been added to allow for some additional future updates organisers listing people confirmed as attending, printing table cards for event day, printing an expected attendee list and more. We will let you know once all the new functionality is live.

Craft Weekly  newslettersFor some time we, have been updating and improving the weekly newsletter to cover more bases. It has already replaced the old monthly newsletter, by adding the updates and news on a weekly basis.

This week, we have added an (advance notice) section. In this new section, you will see events that have been added recently in your region but are not due to take place in the next seven days. Giving potential exhibitor more time to book tables. Adding a craft fair today or during the week will get it into next weeks newsletter.

The events for the coming week is the same as always. This promotes the events to potential visitors and may increase footfall on the day.

A few weeks back, we added the list of newly added members pages and the recently added blog posts.

Focusing on the blogsOver the years the definition of a blog has changed. Now we see it as a way of giving useful, timely information to others about ideas, tips and trick, thoughts and opinions rather than just an online diary.

We have been working on the blog section and making some nice improvements for both members adding to their blog and for readers too.

So check out the updates, like adding an image to your current or new blog posts.

Printing leafletsAs well as compliment slips, you can now print leaflets directly from the site based on your already supplied contact details, listing and shop window pictures. No setting up or work involved, just click the link on your home page, print on A4 and then cut in half, job done. Print as many as you feel you will need for the day, Paper quality will make a big difference to the look and feel of the leaflets, so it is worth experimenting.

Follow and followingWhen you follow another member, you are giving them your vote of confidence. Your saying that there is something interesting about them, perhaps that the events they run are good, their blog is interesting, their images are really nice or that you know them and they are just nice people to work with.

Whatever your reason, you will want to be able to find them again quickly, to see if they have added something new or interesting. So when you login they will be on your home, just waiting for you to have a look at their page.

TIP: The follow button, is below the main picture on their listing. To follow an organiser of an individual event you are looking at, click on the picture to view their listing with all their events on it (you will need to be logged in to do this).

Compliment slipsPrint marketing is an important part of an overall marketing strategy. If you are selling items or giving out other marketing materials then including a compliment slip in the bag or in the packaging is a great way to try and encourage repeat business. The advantage of a compliment slip is that you can write a short handwritten message, to personalise it.

You can now print your compliment slips direct from the UKCraftFairs site based on your listing and contact details. The slips will include a qr code to send people back to your mobile friendly listing on UKCraftFairs and include your referral number, along with your other business details. To give them a try, login and then go your your home page via the side menu.
The arts and craft glossaryWe have been improving and updating the arts and crafts glossary. We would welcome your feedback and your input in the form of new words.
Offcanvas menuTo improve the navigation of the site, we have introduced a off-canvas menu, you can click on the three horizontal lines at the top left of every page to open the menu. We hope you will like it?

In addition, we have reintroduced the colour coding for each section. You will see that heading blocks and the line below the navigation changes colour when you switch between, fairs, course makers etc.

Blog managementWe have been working to improve the blog section of the site.

You can now manage all your blog posts on one page. Login and then use the drop down menu (top right) and select add a blog post. To the right of the page you will see the titles of all the posts you have added, in date order from newest to oldest. You can also get to this page, to edit a blog post from the buttons on each post in your listing (whilst logged in).

Discounted insurance quotesWe are pleased to let you know that you can now get a discount off craft fair and stall holder insurance. Check out you membership home page for more information. We will look to add more additional benefits over time. This could save you

Most pages on the site a print ready, meaning that you do not need to go to another version of a page to print it. In your browser just right click the page and print/print preview. All of the headings and menus should be removed to save you some ink.

Internet Explorer
Go to File
Select Print Preview
Set the page to Portrait
Toggle the header and footers off
Classic on the print document button
Select your printer
Current page if more than one is showing
Set the number of copies (1 to start with as a trial)
Press Print

Right click on the page
Select Print (a print preview is displayed)
Click change to select your printer
Set the number of copies (1 to start with as a trial)
Select Portrait
Untick headers and footers

Go to File
Select Print Preview
Click Page Setup
Select Portrait
Click on Margins Headers and Footer tab
Set all to blank
Click OK

Select Portrait
Press Print
A quality listingCreating a good quality listing will help to market you to other members of the site in a positive way. Each time you contact another member via the site, a link is sent to them coming back to your page. So if you have added a main picture, shop window, blog posts, events attending or organising to your listing then every person you contact can hear about it.
Responsive design updatedWe have continued to work on the responsive design of the site. Making the site more accessible to visitors and member on mobile, tablet and desktop. We have just redesigned the members menus, you no longer have the tabs but instead use the drop-down menu by your name at the top of the screen.

Responsive designWe are moving to a more responsive design that will help all current and future members to take the best advantage of mobiles and tablets as well as the desktop. We would welcome your feedback as the changes take place throughout January 2015.
Once you have confirmed with an organiser that you have a table at a particular event, you will want to let the world know about it.

It is easy to build your list, so that everyone visiting either the event page or your listing can see and print the details.

Log in
Have you already contacted the organiser about the event, via the site?
Yes. Go to either your exhibitor listing or the event you have contacted them about and click the confirm button next to your details.
No. Go to the event you have a confirmed place at, send the organiser a quick message, letting them know that you are confirming your attendance on the site. Then click on the confirm button on the event page.
If an event you are attending is not listed on the site, contact the organiser for them to join as a member to promote the event, so that you can complete your list.
If you have a picture in your listing, it will be displayed on the event page.
A link to your listing will be added to the event page
People visiting your exhibitor listing will see details of the events you are attending. You can print your page including your list of future event, to hand out at your next event (automatically updated).
Move a contact to a confirmed table or attendee by:

Log in
Go to your own event page
Click the confirm + button next to the contact
If there is a part of the site that you find confusing, please let us know and we will do what we can to fix it.
FavouritesAs a member, you can now group your favourite listings together. These could be people who write interesting blog posts or people that organise events you are interested in, listings that have a really nice looking shop window etc.

Simply view the listing you like, then find and click on the Add to favourites button, on the bottom right of that page.

You can get to your favourites page via the drop down menu next to your name, on the top right of every page.

PS. They will need to have added their main image on their listing for it to be displayed in your favourites as a thumbnail.

Improvements to the interactions sectionOver the last few days we have been working to improve the interactions section of the site.

You will now see:

Unread conversations at the top of the interactions page
The number of unread conversations in the drop down menu next to your name
The number of unread conversations in the interactions tab, in the members area.
Sending a message from the interactions page mark the conversation as read.