Knitting is the process of inter-twinning wool to create cloths or other knitted items.

To get started you will need, knitting needles, a pair of scissors, a sewing needle and a useful crochet hook. You will also need a pattern to work towards.

Depending on what are trying to make you will need balls of wool in the required colours. Wool is a natural material usually made from the fleece of a sheep but you can also get more exotic fibres.

Casting On
The first stitch consists of a slip knot on the shaft of one of the needles. Hold this needle in your left hand and the other in your right. Insert the right needle point into the slip knot and under the left. Holding the left needle move your left fingers to steady the right needle and pick up wool from the ball with your right index finger. Releasing your right hand use your index finger to bring wool under and over the right needle point. Replace your right hand fingers to the right needle and draw wool through the stitch with the right needle point. Slide into the back of the new stitch the left needle point and then remove the right. Pull the ball of wool to ensure a good fit for this first stitch. From back to front, insert the right needle point into this first stitch. Repeat stages 4 to 8 until there are thirty stitches on the left needle, to complete a cast on row.

First Knit Row
Holding the needle with stitches in your left hand, insert right needle point into the first stitch moving from front to back, as in the previous section. Using your right index finger, bring wool under and over the right needle pint and draw it through the stitch. Slip the stitch from the left needle to the right, to complete one knit stitch. Repeat the above for each stitch on the left needle, until the last stitch has been done and a row of knitting is completed.

To start the next row, hold the right needle in your left hand and the free needle in your right. Repeat 1 to 3 for each stitch and work through the rows of knit stitches until the required length is reached. Then all of the stitches should be cast off.

Casting Off
Knit your first two stitches. Insert the left needle into your first stitch, then pull it over the second and off the needle. This completes the casting off of one stitch. Knit another stitch. Insert the left needle into your first stitch on the right needle. Pull it over the new one and off the needle. This completes the casting off of another stitch.

Repeat the second stage until there is one stitch left and then cut the wool leaving a few spare centimetres at the end, which can be put through the final stitch and woven through several stitches to ensure that it is held securely in place.

Most knitting patterns for jumpers advise knitting the neckline then sewing it up down one side. A neater neckline is achieved by knitting on 5 needles like a sock - Sandra Bean.