Intarsia is the fitting together of various types and shapes of wood to create pictures which appear to have depth.

You need to start with a pattern, which can either create yourself or purchase online, so that you do not have to start from scratch. This makes the cutting out part of the project much easier.

You would cut the pieces with a saw and shape them with a drum sander.

Due to the detail and precision needed it is a good idea to use a magnifying LED lamp.

There are around 300 different types of wood, so there are lots of different colours to choose from.

The thickness of the pieces of wood being used along with the colours will have a big impact on the finished 3d look of the finished piece.

Cutting and sanding the pieces of wood is time consuming. A small piece made up of perhaps five to seven individual pieces may take around three hours. Whilst a large complex work of seventy individual elements would take hundreds of hours to complete.

It is a great idea to use the grain of the wood as contouring, it looks amazing and will lift the work into a piece of art.

The wood should not be stained, you should be using the natural colours of each species of wood chosen.