Fiction is a creative piece of written work which is untrue and usually describes imaginary events and people. It is literature in the form of a prose that can be written as a novel or a short story.

It is difficult to know exactly when the first work of fiction was written. Many stories were passed down through generations by word of mouth, once written these may have become works of fiction due to misunderstanding and embellishment. It is not too far fetched to think that going back 4,000 years to Egypt or similar areas that as writing was being used that some fiction was included.

It is now easier than ever to put down your words. Most people now have access to both a computer and the internet for applications designed specifically for writers. Take time to learn about how you are going to be able to publish your work. Going into print these days also includes online and can open up new self publishing options.

You may want to print out drafts of your work both for you and your trusted friends to read and critique. So a printer, paper, binder etc may be useful.

When you are thinking about putting pen to paper, you will be thinking about a few thing that make up a work of fiction. Perhaps most importantly a good plot, with believable and deep characters, perhaps also conflict, symbolism and metaphors. Make sure you introduce your characters and give them a plausible back story. Put hints into your work that do not give away what will happen later but will allow the reader to think, I see now. Most works build to a climax, so if you start big where will the story go. You can continue the story after the climax to highlight consequences and explain and refer back to the building of the plot. It is not easy writing a good work of fiction but it can be rewarding.

They say that a picture tells a thousand words, so having an illustrator create artwork for your work may help to fire the imagination of the reader.

Have a look at the Writers and Artists Yearbook, a new copy is produced each year. At some point, it is good to talk to people and get a realistic view of the market.