Assemblage is an art form in which found objects or gatherings are combined to create three-dimensional works of art similar to collage. Pablo Picasso was an early assemblage artist.

Assemblage is a three-dimensional version of a collage (which is two-dimensional) and is part of the visual arts as it has objects projecting from it.

The origin of the artistic term assemblage dates back to the early 1950s. Artist Jean Dubuffet created a series of collages of butterfly wings entitled assemblages dempreintes. This was not the first time that assemblage was used as an art form and was used by earlier artists such as Pablo Picasso, Raoul Hausmann, Arman and Marcel Duchamp. Artists typically worked with found objects which originated from the French objet trouve which describes the use of objects or products that are not normally considered as art as they have a non-art function and are not intended for use as an art material.