Influential and inspirational artists and crafts people

Philip Sidney

Born in Penshurst Place near Tonbridge, Kent in 1554 and lived to be 32.


Christopher Marlowe

Born in Canterbury, Kent in 1564 and lived to be 29.


William Shakespeare

Born in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire in 1564 and lived to be 52.

Fiction, Poetry, Theatre

John Harrison

Born in Foulby, West Yorkshire in 1693 and lived to be 83.

Automata, Clockmaking

Arthur Devis

Born in Preston, Lancashire in 1712 and lived to be 75.


Allan Ramsay

Born in Edinburgh, Edinburgh in 1713 and lived to be 71.


Thomas Chippendale

Born in Otley, West Yorkshire in 1718 and lived to be 61.

Furniture, Marquetry, Upholstery

George Stubbs

Born in Liverpool, Merseyside in 1724 and lived to be 82.

Illustration, Painting

Matthew Boulton

Born in Birmingham, West Midlands in 1728 and lived to be 81.


Sawrey Gilpin

Born in Carlisle, Cumbria in 1733 and lived to be 74.


William Hayley

Born in Chichester, West Sussex in 1745 and lived to be 75.

Nonfiction, Pottery and ceramics

William Blake

Born in Soho, London in 1757 and lived to be 70.