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Flosseyfifi jewellery mosaics

“Handmade Jewellery mosaic hearts, started as a hobby then all my friends liked them and asked for more.”

Hello my names Fiona and I make individual hanging jewellery mosaic hearts made with vintage/modern jewellery, seashells and vintage China.
I make for any occasion, weddings, birthdays, xmas, valentines, newborns,, and I can add initials and messages.
I make a lot of Xmas ones which I generally have all year round for those early shoppers.
I also mosaic picture frames, mirrors and tables.
If you are requesting a mosaic for a special occasion please try to give me a couple of months notice as I have a lot of jewellery, shells, China in stock but sometimes have to source specific items for individual pieces needed.
I have a range of old soda syphons which I make into lights with various colored fairy lights and which have a battery pack on, I prefer to use these rather than plugs, so they can be placed anywhere in the home not just where your plug sockets are.
A bit about me.
I first started mosaicking in the early 1990s when I decided to smash up my paving slabs in my garden and make crazy paving with added china and buttons in the cement in between the slabs.
I then did a few on tiles which still to this day adorn my bathroom.
For as long as I can remember ive beach combed shores all over in different countries, making a large collection of shells and driftwood.
also scouring bootfairs and junk shops finding old plates and bits and bobs, thinking one day I will start again.
Two years ago I started again just as a hobby for friends presents, people really encouraged me to do more as they loved them, so I did and began to sell them.
I now live in North Yorkshire and work nearly full time, so spend my weekends enjoying making my mosaics I now have a facebook page flosseyfifis jewellery mosaics which you can message me for any commissions.
I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it.
All my work is handmade and are one offs no two the same.

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Flosseyfifi jewellery mosaics

Bedale, North Yorkshire