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Waney Grain

Artisan woodworks

Waney Grain - Planches de Bois are handcrafted wooden serving boards, plinths and table centres, using rip-cut [down the grain] or cross cut wood that reveals stunning inclusions, burrs and contour lines in spectacular hues and variations. These naturally occurring characteristics are a powerful and compelling reference to the tree in its raw and living form and create a spectacular talking point on your dinner table. They characteristically have at least one wavey, or waney edge which adds to their beauty.

Our plinths and boards offer a tactile, elegant, eye-catching and unique way for you to display, serve, share and enjoy a variety of comestibles including wine, cheeses, fruits, nuts, charcuterie, cakes, breads, anti-pasti and tapas. At breakfast time they look very pleasing bearing assorted pastries, rolls, fruit and pretty dishes of jams, preserves and sweet treats. Our beautiful plinths look stunning as table centres bedecked with candles and foliage, and when not in use they sit beautifully unadorned. All boards are finished to a very high standard, and are treated with a food safe oil. All boards wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Our fine turned Christmas trees are crafted from single variety woods (Native British and exotic) and in composite form. Composite trees are crafted by bonding and clamping billets of different woods together then turned on out lathe to create fabulous trees of many colours and grain variations.

We work patiently and carefully to present you with unique wooden pieces. We use no artificial colour enhancement, and simply finish our pieces with colourless oils or waxes to bring the natural hues to life.

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