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Craft Book

“Craft Book is a blog written by Paul Riley, one of the founders of UKCraftFairs”

In my blog I will explore subjects that I think might be of interest to anyone currently running an arts and crafts business or who is considering starting their own business. Topics could include practical aspects of running a business, such as finance, sales, marketing, customer relationships, legal matters, the use of technology or event management. Other topics might be of more general interest, for example the life and work of people who have achieved creative success, exploring aspects of the creative process or taking a look at inspirational stories or ideas.

Running your own business requires hard work and brings many challenges. However it can also offer rewards such as greater creative freedom and the opportunity to earn a living doing something that you love, which can provide a deep sense of personal fulfilment. My aim in this blog is to provide practical information that could benefit your business and explore ideas that might help you on your own path to success.

I welcome your comments on the topics that I write about or suggestions for future blog posts.

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Craft Book

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