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“Creating your dream items to your exact specifications”

I have labled myself as a wood turner, please excuse the pun, but I will turn my hand to any woodworking desires you may have.

After 30 years chasing accolades as a chef in country house hotels, the stresses of the job finally broke me. After 6 months I was ready to implode with a desire to create something from raw materials, I started with a single Dremel and logs of fire wood. Then I discovered Exotic Hardwoods lumber yard in Derbyshire, and it was a revelation to me. I had never realised the variety of wood available, and I had found my new passion, woods like Ebony, Pink Ivory, Bubinga (Every home needs a little Bubinga), African Blackwood stumps, the aptly named Amazique, to name just a few. I always say its not work if it is a passion, if its not a passion your in the wrong job.

As the name would suggest, I would like to be making Bespoke pieces to your desire, at Bespoke Woods, it is all about you. However, every business has to start somewhere and I have stock items ready for sale, these include steak knives and forks with sumptuous turned handles, picture frames, bowls, food boards, objet d art and a cornucopia of other items. I can make items from any wood, any function, any style and any size. I am a simple man and understand after a lifetime in the food service industry, my taste and what pleases my eye may not be as loved by the next man, so the core beliefs are the customer always comes first and whether I like your design or not, it is your dreams I am here to fulfill it. I have a stubborn side to myself, and I will hunt all the corners of this planet to source the materials you like, I have found laboratory created diamond with perfect colour and clarity, snake skins with the heads still on, artificial Ivory and water buffalo horn and many more item to enhance any project.

As for my work quality, in my life as a chef attention to detail and perfection were the order of the day, I even progressed in to the cutthroat world of culinary competition, my particular discipline was fat carving, yes, fat. I used a high melting point white fat as used in puff pastry and Danish pastrys, I even tinkered with colouring it using special food colours and this made my pieces pop amongst a sea of white. I have won many awards and medals including a culinary Olympic gold at the 1996 Berlin culinary Olympics, with a piece inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I bring this attention to detail and passion now to my woodworking and would be devastated if I was to send a piece that was just okay, with this I also offer a life time guarantee and I am always on hand to offer advice and help to any customer until the day my little legs can no longer carry me to my workshop, and only the good die young so I have many, many years left.

I also have just completed the Bespoke Woods e-brochure in PDF format ready to email to anyone who is interested.

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