David J Lilly Making Beauty Manifest - Sculpture

David J Lilly Making Beauty Manifest

“I am the only Dalle de Verre specialist in the UK”

David loves colour and its interplay with light and finds inspiration from large open vistas and densely wooded landscapes two very different scenarios but both firmly fixed in nature and his connection with touch, vision and feelings. David only started letting his artistic talents out in his mid-forties due to being colour-blind.

David is currently working with Dalle de Verre made in the UK in the 1960s, showcasing these beautiful slabs of glass in new and exciting ways. David is the only artist who knows traditional Dalle de Verre techniques, also the only one currently working with that glass medium in the UK.

David has also been creating a range of nest boxes that combine both kiln-dried and green woods to give birds a natural nesting experience. These boxes are designed to be functional and naturalistic for birds as well as beautiful to the eye. David is creating tables from waste wood, glass and lead from his business, their design inspired by 20th century Catholic churches in the UK.

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David J Lilly Making Beauty Manifest

The Drum Barn, Applesham Farm, Coombes Road, Coombes, West Sussex, BN15 0RP