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Feather Game Birds UK Tracey Telford

“FIRST EVER range of matching genuine feather Game Bird Bow Ties, Lapel Pins, Hat Pins, Hair Accessories, Fascinators”

feathergamebirdsuk is a creative and innovative company in the heart of the Cheshire Countryside making total unique designs of hand crafted feather bow ties, lapel pins, hat pins, flowers, fascinators and hats. We are celebrating the beauty of our UK Game Birds.

65% of our orders are bought for Weddings with custom bow ties and lapel pins. They are popular for cruises, balls, parties, farming, shooting and hunting families alike.

As every item is handcrafted from natural carefully selected A1 class Game Bird feathers no two can be alike. Our base double bow ties are handmade in the UK from quality silk and are double bows, that come in a range of colours. A unique selling point apart from the uniqueness is that no one can be too large for our bow ties, we will ensure they are made to fit any size.

These are wearable, sustainable and collectible works of art. The quality of our detailed work and unusual designs set us apart. We are delighted to be selling all over the world.

I undertake Custom Orders

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Feather Game Birds UK Tracey Telford

Chester, Cheshire