Chestnut design

“Chestnut design”

Each and every of my bracelets and mens gifts are designed and made with beauty and functionality in mind!

I create pieces of jewellery in silver, leather, copper and gold, which are designed to be striking, symbolic and individual.

Each piece is entirely hand crafted in my UK studio and is made with the finest materials and perfected to the highest standards of which I am extremely proud.

And so that nothing ever gets boring... I will continue on my voyage of creating new designs inspired by (your) life-stories.

All bracelets are made from the highest quality materials and as each skin of leather has its own individual characteristics, every item you purchase from us will be as unique as your own finger prints.

The leather used to create each unique bracelets gains character and style with every bit of wear and tear.

These luxurious handmade leather bracelets and other items are the perfect gift for the man who appreciates the finer things in life.

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Chestnut design

Talley, Carmarthenshire