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“Its all about the leather! Handmade handbags and accessories”

I have been working with leather for about 10 years now and still love it!
Having started by accident, I quickly became addicted to working and tooling leather and haven’t stopped.
My products include:
Handbags, purses, wallets, coin pouches, belts, baby boots, knife and pen sheaf’s, motorbike accessories and saddles, Leather jewellery, iPad and pc tablet cases and phone cases (iPhone), to name a few.
A lot of my work is commissions from clients looking for a one off, a gift or something specific that they can’t get elsewhere. This work continues to challenge my skills so I’m always learning new ways in which to enhance the final product.
I work with cow hide which enables me to tool (emboss) and paint a design onto it giving a 3D effect. This allows my clients to truly receive a unique end product. Moulding is also an option with cow hide where you soak the leather beforehand moulding or using a template to mould to which results in a hard, stable leather which you can then tool and / or paint, or simply dye.
I also use softer leather for smaller projects and handbags or as required by the client, which can come in a variety of colours.
I have worked closely with a local business for the past 4 years on designing and making pouches for her products, Jade Eggs Global is renowned for her finished product which the pouches make unique.
Previously I have also worked closely with entrepreneurs within schools, on products, helping them design and produce as a viable business opportunity.
The best thing about being able to work with leather is the diversity of what you can do with it. Working alongside the client from the design process to ‘crafting’ the idea. But most of all, the joy from the client when they see the final finished product. It makes it all worthwhile.

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Dakini Leathercraft

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