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“Indulgence Gifts”

Iím just starting a small business. i have always loved making things, for the family, i got started when money was short and want to give something that was from the heart. and now i have the time to put this idea into practice, i want to give a gift that will make you smile, and look fabulous. without costing a lot of money, so here i am. my little shop called Indulgence Gifts. I have always want to do a gift product, I love having them little touches, when oping your gift. then i know i am getting a chance to show what i can do.

The main side of the shop, will be selling bath bombs, gift sets, pamper sets Scented candles, and Wedding Favors.
I am hoping to specialize in wedding favors. And to stock a range of handmade soaps and bath bombs, which smell fantastic,
I will put gift packs together and gift wrap them on request. And I charge very reasonable prices, I work from home and do some craft fairs, I want to give the customer great quality items. So they can have that little indulgence at a great price.

Also some of the gifts which i make up are, China tea cups gift, with little surprises in side the Tea Cup. All sets which are wrapped.in a clear cellophane Gift Bag with a Bow. and my large Pamper Gift Bags with wonderful assortment of pamper items. every day there is something new to look at,
I am live in Hampshire, near Salisbury, in the rural side, but im able to hold craft fairs, showing what other Craft Sellers are selling. joining the UKCraftFairs web page. Has help me show more of my shop, and i can get in touch, with other sellers,

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