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“The home of delightful, original, handmade rag dolls. High quality keepsakes and presents for all ages.”

Jemima and Co is the home of delightful, original, handmade rag dolls. I make them carefully and individually using traditional techniques, with lots of attention to detail. I have tried to capture the look of a beautiful, vintage rag doll but with a distinctive, contemporary twist using modern materials. They are heirloom quality. I currently make two sizes - 56cm and 44cm. I also make a doll kit, and various small items with the leftover fabric.
My dolls can sit unsupported but prefer a surface to lean against. I name each one individually. I have designed them as keepsakes and collectables, not toys, as they have tiny buttons and other details which make them so attractive but could be hazardous for under-threes. Each is ideal as nursery decor on that shelf in babys room, or lying on the pillow or end of a bed until baby is old enough to play with her, or gracing that spot in the living room. The body is filled with polystyrene balls and new polyester toy filling. The body and clothing are from new cotton fabrics and the hair is acrylic yarn.
My first Jemima rag doll was a gift for my daughter, Emily. Jemima was the only rag doll I made until Emilys daughter Eva came along, for whom I designed a beautiful Jemima. Eva loves her! Using Evas Jemima as the prototype I have now created a wide range of delightful Jemima dolls. I make them at home on the border of London and Essex, partly on my sewing machine but mostly by hand. Its a pet-free and smoke-free environment. I love choosing different colour schemes and embellishments for the outfits, and hair colours and styles, and every doll I make is unique. Theyre sure to bring pleasure for a very long time.
I sell my dolls at craft fairs and online and I welcome email enquiries for special orders for dolls and related items.

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Jemima and Co

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