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“Not on the high street products for dogs, cats and owners”

Our decision to start up Pawfectly Crafted was due to a desire for Unique, handcrafted, products for Cats and Dogs and owners. The business was initiated from a visit to dog shows where we had the opportunity to experience influences of dogs on their owners and the lack of unique products not only for dogs but also their owners or to be given as gifts and presents to other like minded people. These experiences made our involvement in setting up Pawfectly Crafted an easy decision.
During our short time in business and attending craft fairs and dog shows we realised we knew very little but learnt a lot very quickly and this is a tribute to our dedication, honesty, hard work and above all willing to learn. Very quickly we learnt what people wanted from our very specific field of business.
As a Canine Behaviourist Trainer and Companion Animal Bereavement Counsellor, we realised that our products could also be used as teaching aids in behaviour training, such as our Snuggle Beds not only are these recycled jumpers but can also aid in Separation Anxiety Training in our dogs with a jumper made from one of the owners so that it has the smell of the owner on the jumper, as a dogs sense of smell is greater than ours even after a wash in the machine, the smell will linger. Bereavement of our beloved pets is one of the hardest things we have to go through, so we decided to make some products that would help the grieving process such as our tea light holders with a short poem or picture of the rainbow bridge, or even the dogs/cats name and date of passing, this combined with picture frames, vases we thought was a lovely way to remember them.
Selling our handmade items give us both a lot of pleasure, not only for us but knowing that the person has got a unique gift for themselves or their dog/cat. Most of our items can be given as presents and we try and do almost every breed of dog as well as generic items ranging from glass wear, burnt wood items such as wooden spoons, spatulas, coasters, bread boards etc. wooden items such as lead, key holders, leads and collars where you can design your own from a choice of colours and materials, harnesses that are so soft the dog/cat would not think they are wearing anything as they are made from fleece, handmade toys for hours of fun and enjoyment.
Anne and I are both aware of the hard work and effort making these items and of course the risks involved but we both believe and gives us the inspiration to carry on is you must do what your heart says - it will bring you greater riches.

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