Buntys Fine Jewellery

“Exploring new possibilities with beautiful beads, pearls and upcycled old jewellery.”

I have a passion for beads, pearls, and old and unusual jewellery. I started to make my own necklaces a couple of years ago to satisfy my need for individual styles and colour combinations, and collected beads and broken necklaces wherever I could. Some of my most beautiful beads come from markets in France and Spain as well as the UK. My passion for beadwork increased when I was informed I had Cancer again. Making gorgeous necklaces was totally absorbing and gave me a purpose and passion when I felt at my lowest. I have wonderful semi-precious, glass and lampwork beads and pearls of different types. I try to create unique necklaces as I feel a woman should fall in love with a piece, not buy it because it happens to be the right colour to match an outfit. I dont often make jewellery to order, unless its a special request, as I prefer to work when Im inspired. I hope that anyone who buys one of my pieces enjoys them as much as I do!

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Buntys Fine Jewellery

Kings Lynn, Norfolk