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Dewy crafts

“Hancrafting had always been part of my life. I had an opportunity to work with few professional artists and watch them in action.”

Crafting is my hobby and I wish I could do it full time in future. I like to try my hand at different kind of stuff. I do jewellery, cards, canvases, sewing, glass painting, decoupage and who knows what else. I like recycling, repurposing and reusing materials. Sometimes materials I have dictates what I am going to make. I worked with ceramics before, but it was alongside professional ceramicist. I am self taught, I make things I like. I never make two items the same unless its a pair and #9786 . I believe that every person is unique and items I make should find their owner by being unique. My daytime job is stressful, so crafting is my release and way to stay sane.

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