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The story behind Northern coast Skin.
My husband David and I both suffer with very sensitive skin, so we are very careful about what products we use. When our daughter Elsie was born in 2013 she inherited our sensitive skin (poor baby), even though we were very careful about what we used, her skin was still very sore and dry. We tried everything that claimed to be mild or for sensitive skin, nothing improved.
After a bit of research we realised that most baby products marked ‘sensitive’ or ‘mild ‘contained very similar ( sometimes the same) ingredients to the normal ones, we decided to make our own soap for our family, this way we could control what we exposed our skin to.
We have been making and using our own soap for nearly two years. Our skin has never felt or looked better. We never intended for this to turn into a business but after receiving great feedback from our friends and family we decided to set up our own skincare range, starting with our soaps.

Our soaps contain nothing but natural ingredients we believe the simpler, the better, when it comes to producing a nourishing skincare product for all types of skin.

We currently manufacture 9 different soaps, which come in 100gram bars or rectangle and heart shaped favours. The favours are perfect if you are looking for something a little bit different and we can finish them off with customised labels and packaging.

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