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“No two items the same”

I take a normal shop-bought frame and turn it into a one-off piece using air-dry clay and moulded embellishments along with different types of paint, 3d glass gel and gilding wax, to name but a few products. All my frames start off with a rectangular aperture and dependent on where my head takes me that day they just evolve. I then decorate the backs of the frames and make boxes for each of them.

Book-Folding - a variety of words and some images. The covers are decorated and boxes made to fit.

Mixed Media Canvases

Handmade Cards

So that is what I am into at present. Now to look to the past: I have owned 2 craft shops, one in Norfolk which I sold when I came back to Luton and one in a village near where I live now. The first is still going strong and the second closed due to a massive increase in the rent which made it unsustainable. I ran very successful workshops and my ladies and I could not bear to be parted so they now come to my house and we have great fun making cards together. I love all things creative and tend to look at things that are past their sell-by date with a mind of what it could be - not what it is. I completed a 2 year interior design course which I absolutely loved and received the accolade of Student of The Year - of which I am very proud. To compliment that I also took a course on soft furnishings.

Since closing my last shop and bringing all the stock home with me I have really been able to try out new techniques, which like most of us I discover on U-Tube, and this has inspired me to push the boundaries and see what happens by adding in or using alternate products. As I am playing new ideas come to mind and, like the way things have gone with the frames, things just evolve. This is what I truly love about craft - always remember the basics but there are no rules that are set in stone - so you can let your imagination run wild.

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Luton, Bedfordshire