Alternative Jewellery Handmade by Vasiliki - Macrame

Alternative Jewellery Handmade by Vasiliki

“Born in Greece, studied textiles in the University of Huddersfield. There was a strong connection with people and textiles!!!”

I see my work as an art form that combines perfectly tradition, through the ancient techniques of weaving, knotting and braiding, and contemporary thought.
It is a pleasure of working with my hands. All the chaotic energy slams up against control and structure push and pull, which leads to more experimentation, with materials and groupings. The end result becomes a play between shape colour and texture.
For the first time, my Greek background in Fashion Design and Accessories are combined with my English discipline in Textiles to create and present my knotted jewellery. It is exciting how mastering just a few knots you can create beautiful macramé jewellery. These knots when used in a variety of combinations and colour palettes create delicate and intricate patterns

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Alternative Jewellery Handmade by Vasiliki

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire