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“stunning, unique driftwood lighting and time piece solutions.each piece is unique in itself, lovingly brought back to life ..”

using driftwood sourced from the diverse and rich uk shore line, i bring back to life driftwood.each piece is unique and with a tale to tell in its features.The main items are my lights, these are finished in natural waxes, thus retaining as much natural colour as possible, all fittings are of high quality brass, chrome or antique brass.Each light is P.A.T tested and certificated as safe for use.We also use smaller driftwood to produce individual time pieces, again, quality movements are used and come in brass or chrome.Comissions are undertaken if requested to produce an item from driftwood you may already own, again, loving care is taken to produce what you require.The light bases are made from recycled materials, slate, timber, even sea rock, some of my most admired pieces have involved sea rock..Each piece, either large or small is given the same care and attention to detail, thus ensuring a quality product for you to admire and enjoy.

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tidal inspirations

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