Whispering of the Wood Sibrwd Y Coed - Wood turning

Whispering of the Wood Sibrwd Y Coed

“I started wood turning as a hobby 12 months ago, since then I have taken wood turning to a very high standard of perfection.”

I mainly concentrate on making pens, also with a stylus tip, various sized bowls, egg cups and trinket boxes.Much of the wood I buy is local which living on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey inspires customers to have locally wood turned crafts turned from their local wood.I specialise in wood turning pens in a beautiful and unique way, each pen has its own unique character, turned to suit the needs of each individual, from nice smooth and straight to nicely spindled shapes.All the pens/stylus come with beautiful gold, silver, satin or copper clips.I also make pens/stylus with rifle clips, fish and fishing rod clips, golf clips, treble clef clips, religious cross clips, ribbon awareness clips and United Kingdom clips.The wood I use to make the pens come from local to from all over the world.I can make pens to order to suit each individual.They come in a black and clear case sitting nicely on the background of red velvet.Beautifully made for yourselves or as a special gift

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Whispering of the Wood Sibrwd Y Coed

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