Bindweed Blues - Recycled

Bindweed Blues

“Unique handcrafted designs using recycled materials”

I have always loved the way bindweed comes back year after year, despite being cut down and discarded. The flowers are very beautiful even though people look upon it as a weed.

I created Bindweed Blues to show that discarded things can be made beautiful too

I make all kinds of things from Yoga mat bags and meditation cushions to original artworks and jewellery.
I am happy to undertake commissions such as bespoke soft furnishings, handbags and paintings.

All my designs are made using things that people have thrown away, whether it be the denim for my jewellery and waistcoats or the materials for my soft furnishings.

It makes me happy to re-use and recycle and I hope that my creations will make other people happy too

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Bindweed Blues

North Yorkshire