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Handmade Jewellery Gems

“wire wrapping gemstones, beading, and glass art jewellery”

I make Jewellery with gemstones and beading and some wire work and new glass art..ing soon...loveblingjewellery.etsy
I love gemstones, not only for their beauty but for there healing properties as well. loveblingjewellery.etsy the photos are probably better on the etsy site.
You have to see gemstones and hold them in your hand to realise their true quality, I have been making Jewellery for quite a few years now, and its my passion.
I have always made things, curtains , cushions, silk pillow cases I used to sew a lot, but times change and I wanted to do something else that people might like. I never thought I would take to jewellery making.
You never stop learning and theres always new projects around the corner. I also believe that if you are attracted to a colourful gemstone, that is the one you need, to help you with some problem, or ailment. And its ok if you dont believe in gemstones having vibrations that help us re-align our bodies. They are just beautiful to wear anyway. They will never do you any harm and they might even do you some good. I have necklaces of semi-precious gemstones, and some of the shell Abalone. As well as Onyx, and many earrings, bracelets, made from different materials, freshwater pearls are just beautiful and are supposed to bring out the wearers beauty, and a few rings. I also make glass art jewellery, which I am trying to make but its not as easy as it looks, anyone that has seen any glass artwork, be it beads or flowers will realise the work that goes into it! I give credit to every glass artist out there!
I may have some leather pieces at times as in Cuffs for the wrist, or mens bracelets. Some of my jewellery is a mixture of gemstone and freshwater pearls. I use silver plated or gold plated wire to keep the cost down, but where I can, I use Stirling silver for the earring wires I am very approachable so please ask me if you want to know anything. If you have seen anything you would like in another colour perhaps, please do not hesitate to contact me, I sometimes have other styles or the same but a different colour. I also take on commissions for anything you have seen or similar.
Thank you for reading
Veronica Evans

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Handmade Jewellery Gems

Bury, Lancashire