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“My aim is to capture a moment in the life of the subject which my collectors share with both the subject drawn and myself.”

With each drawing, I start with the eyes, intending to capture the mood, the expression, even the thoughts of the subject matter and when, and if, satisfied I continue in stages... After the eyes, the general outline, the mouth and eyes, ears, chin, neck, cheeks, forehead and then....the hair. Following this, comes the added extras, like what they are wearing, jewelry, hats etc.. and finally...the background. I pause after each stage and walk away for fear of overdoing the area being drawn, stand back and view. This occurs often before I decide that a drawing is complete and I can sign it.

My artwork is something I love doing and I spend considerable time with each drawing/commission until I am happy for it to be shown/exhibited or bought.

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122 Waterworks Road, North West Leicestershire, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 4GL