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Love Johari

“Place a jewel in your wardrobe. Contemporary. Beautiful. Unique. Diverse.”

Johari: Swahili for jewel. Love Johari and LJ, as the brand is also known, is a collection of original pieces. LJ Belts. LJ Jewellery. LJ Scarves. LJ purses.
The LJ collection is designed to coordinate and throughout the collection there will be reoccurring unique LJ icons and themes to extend options of your favourites. An individual piece also makes a strong statement.
An appreciation for Kenyas beauty, my childhood home, with the wide diversity of her culture and the huge artistic talent of her people, along with a background career in fashion and lots of globe trotting, all inspire how I design. You will love the materials and philosophy behind the collection, and will find how we up-cycle ancient sea ceramic, brass and aluminium, rubber flip-flops, pastoral leathers and with silver, pearl and other treasures create Love Johari.

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Love Johari