Number Six Yellow Brick Lane - Knitting

Number Six Yellow Brick Lane

“I hand knit one of a kind lampshades made from reused/damaged/reconstructed metal frames to create individual statement pieces”

At Number Six Yellow Brick Lane I sell a range of hand-knit goodies from knitted lampshades, art for feet socks to baby and infant hats, clothes and accessories.
My goal is to provide interesting and alternative items of hand- knit clothes, homeware and one of a kind gifts.
To revert customer focus back to quality over quantity, I have created items that can be passed down and treasured rather than
used and thrown away, which will hopefully stay with you for many years to come.
All items are designed and hand-knit by myself in Nunhead London, using new, recycled and reused materials, sourced as ethically as possible. However, you can be assured that all fabrics and materials will be of a high quality.

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Number Six Yellow Brick Lane

Nunhead, London