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“We make great bags, purses and accessories that are wearable works of art, unique and made by hand with precision and care.”

I like to create the unusual, something unique that others do not have. Although I try to follow fashion trends in my designs and use of colour my aim is to make one off items for people who want to own something different.
Each beaded purse is fully lined made completely by hand either knitted or crocheted, comprising several thousand glass beads, many metres of thread and specially sourced clasps and other fasteners.

For my leather bags I buy a piece of leather looking at the quality, colour and textures of the skin primarily because I like it, but sometimes with no idea of what the finished bag will be! Itís only after spending time looking at it that I may use or adapt one of my design patterns or create something new. Again the leather bags are all stitched and finished by hand.

All the elements are combined to make Posh Purses that convey both beauty and practicality, together with the knowledge that each one is truly unique.

Bespoke Poshness
As well as the ever changing range in our shop, commissions are considered for Posh Purses that require unique colours or designs, or where more than one of a particular design is required.

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