Stained Glass Wall Art by Belinda - Stained glass

Stained Glass Wall Art by Belinda

“Unique pieces of wall and window art made with stained glass using the copper foil technique, all individual and no two ever the same.”

My designs are items of wall and window art, made to be displayed either individually or as a group. To view my designs please check out my web shop. My items range from smaller gift sized items to slightly larger wall ornaments that make an artistic feature when displayed individually or in small groups.

Everything I make is made from stained glass, using the copper foil technique, the same technique used for Tiffany lampshades.

The glass I mainly use is Spectrum, from Solid Opaque for my wall pieces to Waterglass for my suncatchers. Also used are Spectrums Opal Pearl, Wispy Translucent, Wispy Opaque and Baroque. I like to use textured glass too, including Corella, English Muffle and Antique Cathedral.

I get most of my inspiration from the glass itself and also from nature, my spiky designs come from experimenting with differing colours and textures of glass. Opaque glass gave me the idea to create the wall designs because some of the glass is so interesting and I felt could be displayed in a different way. I have also been inspired when visiting Barcelona, Valencia and New Mexico.

Each one of my items is unique as no piece of glass is the same, with variances in thickness, pattern, stripes, bubbles and colour. The patina also can vary, from black or steely grey to copper or even just leaving the solder silver.

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Stained Glass Wall Art by Belinda

Swindon, Wiltshire