Linda Gomez - Pottery and ceramics

Linda Gomez

“Unique hand made and painted ceramic jewellery including broaches, pendants, necklaces with kumihimo and matching bracelets.”

LustrousArt ceramics and jewellery by Linda Gomez

Unique handmade painted ceramic jewellery including broaches, pendants, ear rings, necklaces with beads on kumihimo braiding and ear rings.
The jewellery is made by rolling clay on top of lace or crochet so that the pattern is impressed into the clay. Oxides and stains are applied when the clay is leather hard. It is bisque fired and more oxides, coloured stains, and a clear or coloured glaze is applied before a second firing.
Several clay bodies including a slightly grogged black earthenware, a smooth white as well as porcelain paper clay are used. The kumihimo braiding is made by the artist so that it complements the glaze creating truly gorgeous pieces. Commissions welcome for individual pieces or jewellery for a group to mark that special occasion. Prices range from 8.00 - 35.00

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Linda Gomez

Catford, London