The Meadow Craft Workshop - Wood carving

The Meadow Craft Workshop

“Folk Art Wood Carver and Stick Maker with strong Celtic influence”

I make a range of items from Traditional Wood Spirit “Green Man” faces to small items of wood jewellery, all with a touch of Celtic tradition. I have a passion for wood in all its shapes and designs. I carve and construct by hand trying where ever possible to use traditional hand tools and techniques.
I look for every opportunity to embellish my common place items such as Bird nesting boxes, built to RSPB approved designs, to create something different and aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and beneficial. My Sticks follow the traditional patterns but also often incorporate a Celtic tradition in design but are working not show sticks. Made for use weather dog walking, farming or high in the hills. My Spoons, jewellery, boxes, dishes, animal carvings, desk clocks, bird boxes, field mouse boxes, bat boxes, Knife handles, fly fishing fly boxes, Fly fishing priests. All have a Celtic element or tradition incorporated.
I also undertake commission work and some limited restoration projects. I love what I do and have to sell my work to fund my passion but I try and keep my prices such that my work is accessible to all and am just pleased to find folks who share my love of wood.

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The Meadow Craft Workshop

Llanelli, Carmarthenshire