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“Magnetic jewellery (hand made) for natural and drug free pain relief.”

We have been working with magnets for over 20 years now so we know they work. We are both big arthritis sufferers but lead a fairly normal and active lifestyle playing tennis and badminton 2/3 times a week in our hometown of Weston-Super-Mare. We couldn`t do this if we weren`t wearing our magnets as the pain would be too much. During this 20 years we have also discovered that magnetic therapy is very effective on many ailments including : asthma -
back problems - migraines - knee problems - me - ms - golfers elbow - tennis elbow to name but a few. For many years people have been able to buy factory made magnetic bracelets, but we have seen a gap in the market for hand made magnetic jewellery and have exploited this gap. To the best of our knowledge we are the only people locally doing this. Our jewellery comes in various designs and colours from rose quartz - amethyst - black hematite - green aventurine again to name but a few. I hope this information is useful for you. Kindest regards.
Frank and Julia Richards.

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Magnets and Bangles

Weston Super Mare, Somerset