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Emany Handmade Gifts

“working with Glass, including fused, copper foil work, and leaded work on commission.”

I have worked with glass over the past thirty years. I originally created pieces using the copper foil technique, items such as sun catchers, small boxes, terrariums and lampshades, selling my work within a craft co-operative.

I moved onto working with leaded lights, creating windows and hanging panels on a commission basis. I have designed and made traditional panels as well as more modern commission work using the wonderful glass that is available to create pieces both abstract and more figurative. I consider my work is very much based on nature.

More recently I have joined with my daughter, Emma, and we have begun working with fused glass using an alternative technique to create some interesting and individual pieces. Emma likes to experiment with how far she can take the glass using different cutting and firing techniques. I like to use the glass to interpret my own designs. I particularly like to work with images taken from cave art, rock carvings, fossils and Celtic art.

We make small items such as coasters to larger dishes, bowls, platters and panels.

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Emany Handmade Gifts

Easterton, Wiltshire