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My Mum And Me Quotes

“Handmade boxes of quotations to brighten your day.”

Quotes make me so happy, I just want to spread the word.

I started making boxes of quotes some years ago for my mum - she got me into quotes when I was younger and having a hard time of things she showed me one of her thoughts for the day books full of motivational quotations, they helped me massively and ever since Ive been hooked on all things quotable! I find them inspiring, uplifting, comforting and entertaining, and I hope you will too!

I used to hand-write quotes for my mum on little scraps of paper and fold them up, then write a date on each one, and pop them all in a little presentation box. They werent anything snazzy or great to look at, but mum loved them and still reads this handwritten set all the time.

As quotations have been so helpful to me, I want to share them with others, making these sets of quotations for others combines my love of quotes with my stationery nerdy-ness! While other people would find all the cutting and folding boring, I just love it, I canít get enough of stationery. I love making the sets pretty, and the thought that people give my creations to friends and family as gifts truly makes me feel honoured.

All my sets are handmade, the only aspect I donít make myself is the actual boxes, but every quotation is handcut and hand decorated individually, as well as hand-decorated with quality craft paper for sets including the Newlyweds and A Motherís Love Edition, as well as the full 3 box set of 120 quotations.

Iím always looking for suggestions for new sets of quotes, so if you are looking for quotes by a particular person, or on a certain theme, please feel free to get in touch and Iíd love to get to work on creating a new range for you.

Thanks for looking,

Lynne xx

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My Mum And Me Quotes

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