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“Hand crafted natural soaps , made with quality oils and essential oils .”

Hand crafted natural soaps made with the best oils like Olive oil , Almond , Avocado , Hempseed , Shea butter , Cocoa butter , Palm , Sunflower oil and many more oils chosen for their benifits to the skin.
I have a selection of soaps for all tastes from vegetarian to vegan to organic.
I use a lot of natural colourants as well as micas and oxides.
Natural essential oils used for their benefits and scents.
Some soaps are scented with fragance oils because the scent I wanted is not available as an essential oil.
Most of my hand crafted soaps can be used as a shampoo to nourish your hair as well as your skin (soaps with added nutriunts like callendula petals , oats , pomice , loofah are not really siutable for the hair because of the added extras that might be left behind on the hair.

I have a large selection of quality glicerin soaps too most in fun shapes and pretty moulds suitable for all the family.
Dinosourus shape soaps for the boys .
Hollo ktty shape soaps for the girls
A large selection of glicerin guest size soaps in different shapes colours and scents in a gift bag , ideal to give as a gift or to have for your own personal use.
Choose a shell soap dish full of assorted glicerin soaps again in different colours scents and sizes , with a handy natural shell to use as a soap dish.
I can make and decorate soaps for your wedding favours or any other special event. Just ask me.

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