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“My jewellery is unique, affordable, handmade. You can choose your gemstone - colour - Ill make it for you.”

I am rather new at jewellery making and following two one day courses, I learnt some fun techniques around wirework and gemstones. I find fascinating the way the wire behaves and I love choosing various gemstones and mix different colours, textures, shapes, sizes making each item individual. I can made specific items with your choice of colours or shape or, etc... My jewellery is very affordable and for every one, including men. I also offer a free delivery within the UK and each item comes with a little presentation box which is folded flat and needs to be glued together. Again the colour of the box can be chosen to accommodate taste, occasion, recipient. I can also send the item directly to the person the gift is intended to.

I welcome local visitors. One never knows you might need a quick present!

I have also started to incorporate other medium such as leather which looks super with a pearl mixing the rough and the delicate.

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Peasantswife Store

26 Chesnut Lane, Clifton Campville, Staffordshire, B79 0BN