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“I make individually designed handmade jewellery inspired by my surroundings and my love of nature.”

CranBeatha comes from the gaelic/celtic for Tree of Life.
The tree of life symbolises many things and for me it encompasses nature, growth and my desire to be at one with all things. Not that I actually manage it on a daily basis but I do try.

My jewellery is all handmade using semi precious stones and beads. Each idea comes from my heart and is made with love. Each item of jewellery will have a tree of life as a focal point or a small charm placed somewhere. I try not to duplicate any item as I want each item to be unique but I am happy to take custom orders or to slightly customise a piece of jewellery to suit or fit a customer. I love working with different colour combinations and try to source my materials as ethically as I can.

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CranBeatha Jewellery

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire