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“Lifelong interest in arts and crafts and in many media. Have returned to my first loves, drawing and photography.”

I love arts and crafts in all their forms and, since childhood, have experimented with many of them. In the 1960s I took design and pattern classes with Trata Drescha, a mocaicist. In recent years my focus was on textiles and their use in creating quilts, bags and other accessories. I played about with the techniques of tapestry weaving using a frame loom (could not afford a shaft one). Whatever the craft, Ive always enjoyed the challenge and the fun of creating something, whether the end result was satisfactory or not. I am always hypercritical of what I make, but others dont seem to mind the little quirks which creep in. However, the lure of the pen has brought me back to illustrative drawing, and to a prime passion - photography. I will be adding items to my page as time goes by.

My drawings: I use a fineliner pen, plus pencil, to produce my very decorative illustrations. Inspiration is drawn from many sources, including my own earlier designs for needlepoint canvases. Most are worked in black pen, though a hint of subtle colour has been known to creep in! I take my inspiration from anything and everything, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Museums are a great resource, as are books, but we are surrounded by patterns and details which, sadly, we do not always notice. When walking about, I tend to look up rather than down, as the tops of old buildings can have wonderful carvings on them, as can the many huge old doors which grace buildings in Paris.

My photographs: I love black and white photographs, and these form the bulk of my work at present. Some are hand-printed in the traditional way - in the darkroom - and some are produced digitally.

There are other areas I hope to explore, for example encaustic painting, and parchment work, as I dont like to stand still in what I do. So please do return to see whats developing from time to time.

I offer high quality prints made with pigment ink and archival or fine art papers.

I like the direct, personal interaction with customers, and obtaining their feedback, but I have recently moved to an area where fairs are fewer and at a greater distance from me, which makes life a little difficult. See my listing for dates. I also sell online via Folksy: (see below).

Thanks for your interest, and come back soon!

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