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Wyre Jewellery

“Wyre Jewellery takes its name from Wyre Piddle where I live, however, it also very aptly describes my love of working with wire.”

Contemporary handmade jewellery combining crocheted and wrapped wire, aluminium, crystals and beads. The aluminium gives solidity to the crochet whilst the wire crochet, beads and crystals give colour and texture to the aluminium. A fusion of traditional techniques with modern materials gives the jewellery a unique feel of the classic, elegant and yet chic. The jewellery is designed to be easy to wear, affordable and distinctive.
Whether you are looking for a bracelet, bangle, necklace, ring, earring, brooch or tiara, the Wyre Jewellery designs will ensure you have a piece of jewellery that you will love to wear. As the pieces are individually handmade even pieces that look similar will have differences and slight variations in design. You can choose the colours you want to match your outfit or commission a bespoke design.
All jewellery pieces are packaged in a gift box and a gift wrapping service is offered should you wish to buy a piece of jewellery as a present for someone.

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