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Godwin Vintage

We take old worn out vintage items and give them a new purpose.

Hello, we are Adam and Johnny, and we enjoy creating and upcycling vintage and retro styled items from our wee home in bonnie Scotland.

Design and Inspiration
Our projects are inspired by our love of all things retro, from vintage and industrial style during the early to mid 20th century - right through to a more retro pop art style.

We also draw a lot of inspiration from Scotland, from the homely warm natural materials such as wood and fabrics (yup, including tartan) inspired by cosy winter nights by the fire, through to the more industrial materials such as metal and wood inspired by the Scottish ship building and manufacturing industries from years gone.

We take old worn out vintage items and give them a new purpose. Well first come up with a design (often several and then choose the best), and with a lot of elbow grease and polish well set to work at removing decades of dirt and grime to try and bring the item back to its former glory while keeping a lot of the vintage wear and patina which add to the character.

A lot of care and attention goes into making every unique piece that we work on with many hours of craftsmanship and problem solving, upcycling by hand and re-purposing into stylish lamps. We use high quality light fittings that are in-keeping with the vintage style, and which also comply with all UK and EU legislation.
Our upcycled vintage items are not just lamps - they are pieces of art with a lot of time and effort put into creating every single piece, and will look great in any room.

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