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Ethereal Crystals By Ellie

““I source crystal ethically mined, make hand made Jewellery and sell burnt wood accessories””

My names Eleanor, I live in Manchester, United Kingdom.
Even from a small child I was interested in fossils, shells and stones.
This has now developed in the last couple of years to a absolute obsession with crystals, gemstones and rough minerals.
Besides crystals, metaphysical and healing properties its always interesting to learn of its formation what its made up of and information on how old its estimated to be. I dont profess to know everything, but will also do my best to find things out for you.

I have been doing some research in the last couple of years and decided now is my time to source you beautiful crystals, gemstones and rough minerals from various parts of the world, I have viewed the entire process from mining, through to cleaning, cutting and polishing.

What makes my service of sale slightly different from others is that I will bring you some unique pieces and have the crystals cut bespoke for my shop.

I also sell handmade Jewellery and wood accessories with burnt on designs which are hand made by a good friend.

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Ethereal Crystals By Ellie

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