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The Artisans Realm

“Phil Clarke crafts mixed media to create scenes in the fantasy genre and is currently forming the Disney Fairies Collection.”

The Artisans Realm draws on the imaginative world of fantasy art and film to reproduce scenes, characters and artifacts through mixed media crafts. The materials and processes are always developing to fit the stylistic requirements of the subject, whether its sculpting and modelling plastic, resin, polystyrene, wood, card and/or plant material.
Phil Clarke began modelling characters and terrain in 1:72 scale miniature from the Tolkein world of Middle Earth war raveged battlegrounds, historically layered citadels and the odd dragon or so.
The effervescent world of Pixie Hollow is now featured in The Artisans Realm. A colourful range of Fairy Houses and Gardens that add some miniature magic to any corner of your garden. The House Collection includes: Hollowed hardwood stumps, Twisted Ivy branches and Glass baubles. The Garden Range has Fairy doors, pools, bridges, leafy glades... Fireflies and cute bugs, all in the Disney animation style.

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The Artisans Realm

Hockley, Essex