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Carramea Fashion

“Hand crafted gemstone and fashion jewellery, perfumes and cosmetics.”

I create gemstone and fashion jewellery and design silver jewellery which is created for me by my amazing silversmiths. I am creating my own range of ladies perfumes and body lotions, and facial cosmetics I am very excited to be able to show off my products and designs at the UK craft fairs.

I have been designing and creating jewellery for around 15 years mostly commissioned pieces. I love making jewellery and experimenting with different materials, gemstones and beads. Pearls are my absolute favourite gem. I got started by accident when a friend asked if I could do something with a pearl necklace that had broken. She didnt want just a straightforward necklace and that was how I got started. I searched around and found some lovely rose quartz beads and combined them with the pearls to make a collar style necklace and my foray into jewellery making started there and I never stopped.

So after all these years I have finally plucked up the courage to go out into the world with my jewellery and now my perfumes and carve a new future. I am excited about branching out into the craft fair universe and I am looking forward to my future with massive enthusiasm.

Jane Thornton (Bradley)

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Carramea Fashion

Blackpool, Lancashire