Vita Mazarine

“A passionate Printed Textiles Designer striving towards bringing the outdoors in through hand-made traditional Screen-Prints.”

As a designer, I am passionate about creating organic, textural and playful designs for lifestyle products and interior furnishings. My designs are shown through fluid and gestural approaches to drawing which are finalised through traditional methods of Screen-Print. My inspirations derive from our natural surroundings, especially the growth which is often overlooked in the Landscape, aiming to achieve beauty within imperfection. My inspirations allow myself to immerse within nature, which help reflect and enhance the importance of well-being and lifestyle, creating scope for my design ethic.

An aim I strive for throughout my practice is to bring the outdoors in through hand-crafted, process led design, highlighting the importance what being outside does for our lifestyle and to show the importance of individual design in this world of mass production.

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Vita Mazarine

Sevenoaks, Kent