Zen Wood Design - Wood carving

Zen Wood Design

“My name is Brendan Rawlings and Im a Devon driftwood artist that specialises in driftwood wall art and lighting.”

The majority of my work is focused on animals sculpted from driftwood as wall art for the home or garden. Peoples pets are popular. That said Ive made logos, furniture and even driftwood trophies for beach rugby tournaments! Being ecologically sound is important to me as an individual and therefore is at the heart of my work, which is why all materials are reclaimed and even the electricity I use to power my tools comes from renewable sources.

Driftwood is much more than just wood for me. It holds mystery. Where did it start its life as a seed? What has it been a part of? A house? A ship? A Tree that once sheltered people from the sun or the rain? What has it seen? Births? Deaths? Familys? Sea creatures? Natural phenomenon? These questions add magic to all of my pieces. What if a sculpture sent to a different country was an act of sending the wood back home after its travels over land, river, sea and ocean. Its body and spirit returning home proud to be in its shiny new form - refreshed and ready to relive its former glory.

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